Monday, November 19, 2012

WIP: Alfalfa

IMGP5952 IMGP5956

I picked up my second Ashton Shawlette - knit in Abstract Fibers Matisse - again this morning, after it has languished for almost a month unloved.  It's really rainy and gloomy today in Seattle, and although I was planning to make it over to the school to work on some projects, I'm having a hard time wanting to take off my pajamas.

Knitting in between loads of laundry totally counts as productivity, right?

In general, knitting has been on the backburner ever since we got back from our trip.  I did get out to my knitgroup last Friday, which was really nice - I missed those ladies while I was away! - but after getting home from school most nights, I've been so pooped that even knitting garter stitch sounds like a chore.

I have, however, had an active Imagined Knitting Life!  I've been thinking about socks a lot, because I brought a whole bunch of hand-knit socks with me to Iceland, and they were really pleasant to wear in such chilly weather.

Maybe it's time to take another shot at knitting All The Socks from this book?


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