Monday, November 4, 2013

Family Pictures

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So after my last post, we took Mackie to the vet again and got some very bad news.  He has a growth in his urinary tract that is causing pain and inflammation, and the associated surgery to remove it would be risky, complicated, and unlikely to improve his quality of life, so we made the difficult decision not to pursue further treatment.  Since his diagnosis, we've been giving him lots of treats and snuggle time, giving him pain medication, and trying to enjoy the time we have left with him.  (Not gonna lie - there have been a lot of tears.)

Mackie is my first rat as an adult, Blake's first rat ever, and our first pet together, so he has been an integral member of our little family.  He has been with us through two moves, my fashion show, and our wedding, so he's become the go-to furry dude for cuddles during both happy and stressful times.  It's difficult to even think about what life is going to be like without him.  Since we realized we didn't have many photos of us with Mackie, our friend Sooz was kind enough to take some photographs of all of us together this weekend.


I think she nailed it.

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