Wednesday, November 27, 2013

WIP: Bug-Free House; Amazing Multicolored Neck Blanket


Among the many challenges of Beetlegate 2013, the quarantine of my yarn and works in progress has been one of the worst.  For two weeks, all I had to work on were my Snapdragon Socks, and although that was a fabulous way to avoid Second Sock Syndrome, it was also ridiculously nerve-wracking and horrible.  (Pro tip: a chronically anxious knitter without her knitting is perhaps the most unpredictable, unpleasant beast to ever burst into tears over vacuuming the floor of her closet while mumbling "everything is bugs" over and over.)

Each day I knit on my socks was another reminder that my stash was locked away in plastic garbage bags, practically radioactive with the threat of carpet beetles, and each time I would eye my rapidly shrinking ball of sock yarn and whimper with sadness.  One day I almost went out and bought a skein of sock yarn in desperation, but then Lumberjack gently reminded me that I own a metric kiloton of yarn and at least some of it has to be superwash.  (He was right, and begrudgingly through the dryer it went.  Sometimes I think I just enjoy being cantankerous.)

IMGP0524 IMGP0530IMGP0529 IMGP0536

So it goes without saying that the day we were able to pull the first load of clean, bug-free yarn out of the freezer was better than Christmas.  I practically bounced up and down the stairs with freezing cold bags of fabric and yarn, happily spraying and wiping out plastic bins and humming, then gently fondling each skein before putting it in its new home.  It was the best.

I also got a whole bag of works in progress out of the deep freeze, and just in the nick of time - I finished the socks the day that everything was due out!  And happily, my Amazing Seed Stitch Wrap was in that bag, which has given me many hours of delightfully mindless knitting since then.

I'm on my third skein out of ten, and oh man, this thing is massive.  I've had several people question whether a thing so huge can really be called a wrap, and thus I have taken to calling it my Neck Blanket.  It is going to be glorious, I can tell.

Now I just have to ration my knitting on it until the next colors go through the freezer.  Eep.

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IXP said...

What kind of yarn is that? It looks amazing.