Friday, October 25, 2013

WIP: Snapdragon Plain Socks

IMGP0152 IMGP0156

Last week I went down to Portland with some knitting buddies for a class with Emily Wessel of Tin Can Knits at TwistedPDX (which was awesome!), and I needed some new knitting along the way.  I've been carrying around plain socks in my purse for the last month or so and really enjoyed having something simple to work on, so when I finished knitting my Geodes plain socks in the car on the way down, I immediately cast on for a new pair.

And oh boy, am I in love.  The yarn is by Pigeonroof Studios, a dyer whose gorgeous wares I've coveted and stashed for many years.  I saw Krista's yarns in person for the first time in New Haven, Connecticut, while visiting a friend, and was entranced by her use of color.  This yarn is an 80/10/10 merino/cashmere/nylon blend in the colorway Wildflower, and it's knitting up really squishy and lovely.  The complexity of the colors is just amazing, and I've been having the best time watching each one come into play as I knit.

This will be pair #4 of socks this year, and although it's a far cry from the 12 pairs I planned, I think it's pretty good nonetheless!  My sock drawer is getting fuller by the minute, so maybe I can even start throwing away some of my old, holey hiking socks.

Happy Friday!

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