Friday, January 24, 2014

My WIP Basket Overfloweth

WIPbasket WIPbasket4WIPbasket2 WIPbasket3

As I'm sure many knitters do, I have a bit of WIP problem!  Almost all of my current works in progress are on Ravelry, but it was only a week or so ago that most of them came out of the freezer.  Now that they're through that process, I'm itching to finish some of them off, so last night I finished a hat that I started in December of 2011 - only a few months after I started at NYFA!  This is not even to mention the multiple shawls and pairs of socks that just need blocking and ends woven in.

Yeeeeah, so this is kind of my basket of shame.

Getting everything back from Beetlegate purgatory has made me reinvigorated about fixing, finishing, and generally clearing out my closet of unwearable items - I'm stoked about tacking hems, knitting the tops of hats, and knitting that last sleeve for sweaters that are otherwise finished!  Although I didn't make any official New Years resolutions, clearing out my WIP basket is definitely one of my long-term goals for 2014.  It feels good to finally have the tools to get started.


Also, just for funsies, here is some rat nose - Misters Squishy and Pooper were cuddled up on the top balcony of their cage, and they looked so cozy!

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