Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ballgown: Day 24 (Or, Seven Not-So-Easy Pieces)

ballgown24.2 ballgown24.3ballgown24.4 ballgown24.1

Yesterday was a big day in terms of construction: The Dress (whose secret name is Cutie, for reasons unbeknownst even to me) went from a lot of big pieces to seven much bigger pieces. I have a front and a back, and two sleeves, and coordinating linings - and today, I figure out how to put them all together.

The finish line is so close. Six more days feels both completely doable and utterly overwhelming. Seven pieces, and 50ish hours of work, and a few dozen buttons, and she'll be done. Then, what am I going to do when there's no ballgown to get up and make?

I really am going to miss this routine. Getting my pastry at the market every Sunday; laying on the couch in the magazine room watching a cluster of wasps building a nest outside the window; hugging my dress goodbye at night.

I'm sure I'll have more words later, but this has been the most incredible experience, and I'm not sure yet how to process the fact that it's almost over. While I'm excited to sleep in, hang out with my husband and rats, and have a social life again, I also know that this time will live in my memory as one of the most exquisitely difficult and fulfilling moments in my life. But I have at least six more days until I have to figure out what that means.

Happy Sunday, friends!

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Kat Riddell said...

So close! It's really coming together beautifully :)