Monday, October 20, 2014

Tailored Jacket: A Body, Constructed

 jacketday3 jacketday3.2

Today, I spent the day at my tailoring teacher's house, reconnecting with my love of wool. (As if it ever really left!)

And, to my surprise, I got a pretty astonishing amount done. In five hours, I finished building the pocket; interfaced the shoulder and lapel; connected the shoulders and side seams; built the sleeve; built the collar; set in the collar; pressed up and sewed the mitered sleeve cuffs. (It makes me tired but proud just looking at that list written out.)

This morning, I had a bunch of pieces of wool pinned to a hanger; tonight, I have a jacket that - though unfinished - I can put on my body.

So much further to go, but so much progress nonetheless!


Kat Riddell said...

That's quite a bit of progress! The jacket is lovely so far :)

Anonymous said...

Cory, this is gorgeous! Do you need vintage buttons?

Cory Ellen Boberg said...

Thanks friends!

I have my buttons all picked out for this jacket, but I can't pass up vintage buttons as a rule. Czech glass is my downfall!

Julie I. said...

Your jacket is lovely! I can already imagine you wearing this.