Friday, October 31, 2014

WIP: Little Bird in the Briar


A while back, I discovered a sweet little shawlette pattern called Nurmilintu, and thought it would be perfect for one of my many lone skeins of Tosh Merino Light - in particular, a skein of the colorway Briar, a lovely warm violet color.

The pattern is garter stitch with horizontal lace accents, and a little picot bind-off after the last lace section. So charming! So I cast on, and was humming right along - I managed to finish most of it in a little less than a week - but when I got to that last repeat of the lace pattern, I realized that it was tiny. Too tiny for me to wear, really. And I had a lot of yarn left over, but not enough to knit an extra repeat.


So I let it sit for a little bit - that is, until a few nights ago, when I had a brilliant flash of inspiration: I could use a contrasting bit of Tosh Merino Light to stripe the last garter section, knit another lace repeat in the new color, and do the picot bind-off in the original color. And I just happen to have half a skein of Tern left over from my Stevedore Hat! And it contrasts beautifully with Briar! Hurrah!

So I finally ripped it back and started it again. We'll see if my devious plan works, and if I end up with a cute and wearable shawlette from it. I have high hopes.

My project is on Ravelry here.

Happy Friday, and Happy Halloween!


Tahnee said...

What a beautiful combination of purple and gray, this shawl will be beautiful!

Unknown said...

So pretty!

Kat Riddell said...

Pretty colors! I can't wait to see how it comes out!