Wednesday, October 15, 2014

WIP: Mother of Pearl Mitts

mitts mitts2

In an effort to clean out my deep stash, I started a pair of Churchmouse's Welted Fingerless Gloves out of some Manos Silk Blend I got years and years ago at Smith's, my local yarn shop in Oberlin. The colorway is Adobe, but it always reminds me of mother of pearl: the dark, textured outer shell and the pale pink glow of the interior. The yarn is knitting up without any pooling, and the cleverness and brevity of the pattern is keeping me on my toes.

The weather has turned in Seattle recently: the leaves are starting to fall, and in the daylight the streets seem larger and brighter - leaves carpeting the sidewalks; empty branches reaching towards the sky. The rain has come, too, and with it a cold bite to the air that can only be cut with a thick layer of wool.

And so, with a little knitting, I'll have another line of defense ready to tuck into my jacket pocket soon enough.

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