Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Year in Knits: 2015

2015 in Knitwear Design

talusshoot2 Untitled piphat12 saltcreek5
fireweedFO2 lupinefo6blake2
colsweet10 colwayward colling8 colcairn

This year, I released or reformatted 11 patterns:

3 shawls - Fireweed, Lupine, Lingon
1 scarf - Blake
1 pair of mitts - Wayward
1 sweater - Sweet Root

2015 was absolutely huge for indie.knits, and I can't wait to see what 2016 holds! Thank you so much for your support, your cool projects, and your awesome feedback this year. I adore connecting with you all - whether through Ravelry, or Instagram, or in person - it makes the work I do feel really meaningful, knowing that there are wonderful folks like you to share it with. <3

2015 in Knits (and a Crochet) for Funsies!

modcollar4 yarnbowl

So what about my for-fun knitting? Well, I need to get back on that! I've destashed quite a lot of yarn over the last year, with the goal of streamlining my stash and only making projects that I will love to knit and wear. As I've devoted more time to designing, I've had to drastically cut down the number of for-fun projects I knit, so I'd like to become even more careful about choosing great projects in 2016.

So what are the numbers? Let's take a look!

modcollar gabrielle fluffycollar

3 collars

anniversaryfo Untitled lumberjacksocks3 Untitled

4 pairs of socks

arcticfo sekkuloopfo4 Untitled

3 cowls

violetlupine5 fireweedfo magiclupine3 jeyna5
plumjudy3 littlebirdfo - Version 2 sukifo2 - Version 2

7 shawls

ondreafo3 Untitled

2 sweaters

 Untitled tropicaltalus2

2 hats (both Talus, oops!)


1 pair of mitts


So for the final count, I'm at 29 finished projects for 2015 - many of which are in the design section, although not all the samples have a project page, so I made even more than 29 things. Clear as mud, right?

According to Knitmeter, in 2015 I've knit 12,006 yards, about 6.8 miles, not including the aforementioned extra entries - up from last year's 10,348 yards (5.9 miles.) High five, 2015 me!

I've destashed 90-some-odd yarns in 2015, and knitted up somewhere in the ballpark of 20 stash entries. As we've settled into living in a smaller house, I've become more and comfortable with the idea of owning less - it makes a high level of laziness much more achievable, while still appearing as though I am a fully functional adult (hahah) - so I'd love to continue the downward trend in my stuff in general, and in my stash particularly.

(That said, the stash will never fully go away, because I <3 my stash! Where else would I get my late-night yarn squishings?)

Happy knitting new year!


Kat Riddell said...

Look at you go! I went a little crazy in December and bought yarn for several sweaters, so my stash is feeling a bit more bloated than usual. Looking forward to even more great knits from you in 2016!

(Oh, and I love your Jeyna. So. Much. That blue is gorgeous :D)

Jen said...

You have had quite a productive year! May I ask, how do you take photos without glasses glare? I'm sure you have a much better camera then I do, but I am curious about what you do. Thanks!