Monday, February 22, 2016

Nusalong: Cast On!

nusaco nusaco2

I'm taking a breather from work this week, and I'm using the opportunity to cast on my Nusalong project. (You can check out my project page here.)  The stitch count is pretty long on this pattern, so I'm watching dumb home improvement shows in the background while I cast on.

As a side note about the long cast-on - 300+ stitches can feel pretty daunting, and though it is time-consuming, it's actually pretty easy if you can catch a quiet moment to get it done. I usually cast on a kabillion stitches, then count and place stitch markers every 100 stitches after the fact. I count each section of 100 two or three times, which ensures that I have the right number. Then I pop extra stitches off the needle or add more as needed, counting the last section again after each adjustment. You can also divide into sections of 50 if that's easier - whatever works for you!

Then, on the first round after the cast-on, I place my beginning-of-round marker and remove the other markers as I work. Easy peasy.

Remember, tonight at 11:59 pm is the deadline to post on the Ravelry thread or on Instagram with #nusakal to enter to win a copy of the Cairn hat pattern! Don't worry if you need to cast on or join later, though - you're welcome any time.

Happy Monday, friends, and happy Nusalong!

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