Friday, February 5, 2016

Spincycle Yarns + The Fiber Gallery: Pink Panther Custom Colorway

pinkpanther pinkpanther2

A few months back, The Fiber Gallery owner Mary, the Spincycle gals, and I started talking about developing a custom colorway for the shop to showcase at Madrona this year.

Thinking of Art Deco and floofy '50s dresses, I helped create a mood board, and Mary, my coworker Cathy, and I brainstormed a name for the colorway. Then we sent it off to Kate & Rachel at Spincycle HQ to work their magic - and oh my gosh, friends, it really is magic. Because yesterday afternoon, Pink Panther hit our doorstep, and when I opened up the box, my heart stopped with happiness for just a second.

Local folks can can come visit it at Madrona next week, exclusively at The Fiber Gallery's booth, where - let's be real here - I will probably be sitting in the corner petting and talking to it like a cat.

Happy Friday! Happy Yarn Day!

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