Wednesday, February 3, 2016

WIP: Sweet Valentine

sweetroot3 redsweet3redsweet2 redsweet

A few months back, I was chatting with Susan from Abstract Fiber, and we started talking about the F/W Collection - and then we both got excited about the idea of working up some of the patterns in her gorgeous yarns! (For those who haven't squished it before, Abstract Fiber is a Portland-based luxury yarn and fiber brand with incredible, saturated tones. And, full disclosure, I miiiiight have picked up an obsession with it lately.)

We settled on Rothko, a 85/15 Polwarth/Silk blend, to knit up another Sweet Root, and Susan generously sent me two skeins in the colorway Red. And oh my gosh, this yarn is amazing. It has a wonderfully crisp, wooly backbone, and just a touch of polish and drape from the silk. Nom!

I've been plugging away on it since the beginning of January in anticipation of Madrona - you'll be able to come visit the sweater at the Abstract Fiber booth, along with my Indigo Lingon - and as of last night, I'm finally in the home stretch! I seamed the back neckline and picked up for the first sleeve, and I'm hoping to have the sleeves done and the whole shebang blocking by this Sunday.

Think I can do it?

The Very Halpful Corglet thinks I can.


Happy Wednesday, friends!

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