Friday, September 4, 2009


In a fit of frustration with all of my knitting projects, I cast on a new pair of socks this morning. The yarn is some Jitterbug that I got in Santa Barbara, in the colorway Oyster Blush. For some reason I really love grey and neutral yarns lately. Perhaps because there are so many shades of grey: taupe, coffee, charcoal, cloud. Each has its own subtle undertones, and each complements a different range of colors. For instance: I have this beautiful vintage dress in an amazing shade of brown-grey, and it has a pink underslip.

I'd love to knit a dark green shawl to go with it. If it were a richer shade of brown, I would gravitate towards teal. If it were more grey, I would use magenta. So it makes sense to me that Unst, a relatively simple lace pattern, would show off this yarn so beautifully.

Hooray socks!

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Michele said...

Awesome dress! I<3 vintage pieces/