Saturday, September 5, 2009


For some reason, on weekends I really like to get dressed up. Maybe it's force of habit from the summer; since I worked in a lab with a lot of carbonized compounds, I had to wear a lab coat during the week, and wearing heels while working with solvents and assorted breakable and hot things is a total no-no. So it's fun to throw on a pair of heels and a skirt on the weekend and pretend like I'm not a student who eats the same kind of sandwich for lunch every day and dribbles coffee down the front of her shirt while rushing to work.

The skirt is from a vintage shop in Santa Cruz; the belt is a costume necklace of unknown origin mailed to me by my grandmother; the top is another find from Indonesia.

I also bought it at the market in Ubud, from a stall that seemed completely separate from whole crazy Bali market experience. At most stalls, the shopkeeper would come rushing up to you and start throwing scarves around your neck, or take your arm to show you a dress that they really wanted you to buy, all while insisting that they have it at a very special price. This shop was quiet; a woman sat at a sewing machine while her two young daughters played on the floor behind her, and her husband would tell you the price only if you asked about a certain item. There was no haggling down the price, which was strange considering that most things at the market are marked up by 100-300% and should be haggled down to about 50% of the original price at most. When I told the woman that I loved this shirt but the snaps in front would not quite close, she told me to come back in ten minutes. She let out a seam and made the shirt fit me for no extra charge. I think it ended up being about 20,000 rupiah, or $20, which was more expensive than most clothing in the market, but it was worth it.

Happy weekend!

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