Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Stash Appreciation Wednesday: Second Day of Finals Hell Edition

We interrupt this Wednesday afternoon of studying the fall of the Tokugawa bakufu to bring you... well, a crazy person, apparently. Japanese history is actually super fascinating, but 3 hours of any type of studying just kinda does me in.

In between cram sessions, I've been drooling over some amazing things, working out (which is really fun when you get up to stretch from being a study-lump and all of a sudden you're like oh right, I really have calves today. thanks for reminding me, calves!) and knitting a pitiful, pathetic, somewhat disgustingly small amount. Like you get to knit four rows in between your cup of coffee and reading about the Namamugi Incident of Blahblahblahblah (actual event except for the blahblahs) and it's the most you've knitted in a week. Seriously.

Anyhow. Reading about amazing handspun sock yarn named after classic rock songs reminded me that I actually have two skeins of it in my stash, albeit a discontinued color. The skein on my head is Secret Agent Man, obtained at Yarn Con while visiting the talented and amazing Bethany in Chicago this last October. And behind me is the wonderful old Oberlin slogan.

Heck yeah, Oberlin, I'm gonna change the world. As soon as my brain stops leaking out my ears from finals. Which is your fault, by the way, Oberlin. Just to clarify.

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Ondrea said...

That is an amazing picture.

OH! I saw your scarf at Smith's today (swumg by after psych). Hooray for being done with it!