Friday, March 5, 2010

In Love

So I got a surprise in the mail this week.

And by surprise, I mean that I drooled over this coat for over a year, saw it get sold (to my utter dismay and horror), and then found it back on sale again in January, after which I promptly sent a money order so that I could get my greedy little paws on it. I let it slip away once - and it wasn't happening again!

I have to say that this is the largest sum of money I have ever spent on a vintage piece - actually, probably the most I've spent on any one piece of clothing or really, any other thing besides tuition, in my entire life.

And it is so, so worth it. The fabric is 100% cashmere with tiny little prickly guard hairs that remind you that it is made from the fiber of an animal and that it is a Coat with a capital C. The label says Ampter's Denver, and the only listing that comes up when you google it is actually the one for the coat - which is, hahah, listed as sold - to me! The lining is silk and sewn flawlessly; the shoulders have a beautiful slope due to a nice little gusset detail; the fabric is a very light-sucking black; it's insanely warm. It goes with everything, and is especially nice for making those hand-knit scarves of mine pop.

I have to say that I was more than a little worried as I raced to the post office to pick it up after over a month and a half of waiting with bated breath for my money order to clear. I had questions: did I just spend three paychecks worth of money (granted, I work barely half part-time) on something that isn't going to fit, that I will have to send back drenched in my bitter tears of regret and longing for that perfect black coat?

Luckily, my fears were assuaged when I pulled it out of the box and... oh. It was love at first sight.

I haven't really taken it off since.

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fecknom said...

Hooray! I am glad you have so much of Oberlin winter left to enjoy it. You'll have snow til April, I'm sure.