Monday, May 2, 2011

WIP: Triinu Scarf


I've done it again.  Cast on for another little piece of fluff, this time using Artyarns Cashmere 1 again.  I noticed the other day when I saw my store sample of Peacock Tail and Leaf over at Smith's that my nupps have gotten much larger than they used to be!  I think it's a matter of getting comfortable with knitting this kind of lace, since when I began I had barely knit any lace shawls, much less nuppy ones.  I'm fairly sure the change came when I was knitting Crown Prince - which is still languishing, unblocked, because I'm super lazy - because there were sometimes 20+ nupps in a single row.  No one wants to purl 7 super-tight stitches together, so my tension naturally loosened.


So far this one is a dream.  I've had yet another flare-up of my tendinitis (grr) so knitting isn't the most appealing of activities right now, but I've been pulling it out and knitting a couple of rows here and there.  It's soft and fluffy and yellow as a baby chick.  Or a pygmy jerboa.

Do want, yes?  Apparently I'm all about the baby animals when finals time rolls around.


This week has been hard, difficult, and terrible with a little bit of good thrown in.  Friday I ran into an unpleasant reminder of a recent falling-out with a friend.  Saturday night I took the rotating shift and closed at my job, and pretty much everything that possibly could have gone wrong, went wrong.  Sunday I ran around all day for my various assignments and finally gave up and worked on sewing a languishing Mandarin-collared shirt project that I've been working on since spring break.  Then the news of Bin Laden came late last night, which is alternately producing shock, relief, and worry in my head.  Today I'm feeling under the weather, so I think it's back home to watch The Killing and go to bed early.

And hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

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Anonymous said...

You just made my day with that small, adorable creature.

Hoping today is good for you <3