Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pattern Review: Scrumptious Collection from Fyberspates


So I was reading a few of my favorite blogs and saw that the girls over at joli house are involved with a new collection from fyberspates.

These are a few of my favorites.  The first above is Burdrop, a gorgeous ruffled cape.  I almost can't believe this is knitted.  It looks so cozy, and I've really been loving drapey clothing and knits lately.  I can't resist a well-done ruffle.


The second is called Hethe, a laceweight cardigan with lace details.  I love the fact that it has nupps - that fact alone would have me sold! - but I also love the romantic shape and delicate edgings.  Swoon.


I like the shape of this vest, Tirrold, as well.  Vests can be hard because they add a layer of bulk over the midsection, but I love the idea of a vest in laceweight - it would add interest and warmth without too much bulk.  Plus, I like that this is cropped.  I think it would look awesome with a high-waisted skirt.


This little lacy cardigan is called Stonor.  It's knit in a fingering weight, so it's a little heavier than the other pieces I really like, but I think it works really well.  The texture reminds me of vintage woolen sweaters, but the shape is modern.  I like that the laciness gives it polish, but it still looks warm and comfortable.


I also love Murcott.  It's simple, but has some really pretty details, like the turned hem and the small pleats at the shoulders and sleeve cap.  I'm not sure how well the wrap style would work on my large-busted shape, but I might be able to modify it to have more fabric in the chest.  That's one of the joys of knitting - if you can do a little math and planning, you can customize for your shape.

Overall, I'm pretty excited for this collection.  I would definitely knit at least half of the patterns, the photography is gorgeous, and most of them are knit from laceweight or fingering weight, which are my favorite yarns to knit with.  It looks like it's available for purchase on fyberspates' website here.  


Lastly, this one called Wray is not actually in the collection, but it's the work of the model, Lily.  She designed this cardigan when she was only 12, but she already has a great eye for texture and detail.  Her designs have a certain delicacy and lightness.  I'm definitely going to keep my eyes out for more of her work.

All images copyright Amanda France

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Melissa @ Miso Crafty Knits said...

Oh! I'm really loving the Burdrop! Thanks for the heads up, I'm adding this to my queue. Pronto! :)