Thursday, October 20, 2011

WIP: Flower Basket Shawlette


This project was in and out of my stash, on and off the needles so fast that it barely registered in my knitterly consciousness.  It was a pleasant week of knitting off-and-on, with no nail-biting on the yarn requirements or the pattern or anything.  I mentioned in this post that I would probably do an Evelyn Clark pattern with my skein of Handmaiden Seasilk in the tantalizingly weird colorway Turkish Delight.  I don't particularly like the candy, but I do like orange and pink and mint green, especially together.  Yum.


Also on a color note: whenever I work with my Friday coworker at my LYS, we have conversations that go like this:

Her: That color is pretty bright.  I'm not sure if I like it...
Her: Of course you do.

And then we laugh.

What can I say, I have the color sense of a six-year-old.


Because I am occasionally a creature of my word, I used Evelyn Clark's Flower Basket Shawl as my pattern.  The smallest size called for about 425 yards, and I had 437, so I figured I could make it about the same or even a touch bigger.  Since I've already knit Swallowtail twice, with the same yardage and needle size, and ended up with enough yarn, I figured I could add repeats safely until I hit the same number of stitches before the border.  I did 9 repeats instead of the called-for 8, and ended up with a little bit of extra yarn.  Otherwise I knit the pattern exactly as written.


The finished size before blocking is 14" deep.  My last Swallowtail was about the same, and blocked out to a nice scarf size of about 23" deep.  I like how the colors pooled, and I think it played nicely with the pattern.  It's often hard to predict how a handpainted yarn will work up, but I've been really happy with the way my projects knit with Handmaiden have turned out.

Hopefully early next week I'll have an FO post... stay tuned!

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