Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Brooklyn Tweed Loft for Cropped Sweater

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On our recent adventure to Bainbridge Island, I bought enough Loft in the color Hayloft to make a little cropped cardigan.  In fact, the reason I wanted to go to Churchmouse was to get yarn for two hand-knit sweaters that will be part of my line in April!  They didn't have the other color I was hoping for - a dark grey called Soot - but I am really happy with this color.  The finished cardigan is going to be worn with a full cream skirt with a peach-colored eyelet overlay - a bit of an unusual color pairing, but I'm pretty excited about it.

So I'm doing two cardigans for my line, and they're both v-necks with lace and cable patterning; one is cropped, and the other is mid hip-length.  When I was starting to think about the fabrics and yarns that I'm going to use, Loft was at the top of my list - it's light and warm, and comes in an amazing range of colors.  I was really excited when I started looking at color cards and realized that all of my colors were represented.  I also really like the idea of juxtaposing a very wooly yarn with more refined fabrics like silk crepe and charmeuse.

Cropped cardigan
I have five full looks with technical drawings, descriptions, colors and pricing, which I'm hoping to start sharing as I finish planning and start creating them.  The line as a whole is very swishy and girly, with both rustic and refined touches.  I have a difficult body to fit in contemporary clothing, but I love vintage clothing from the '40s and '50s, so I decided to make my line very hourglass and pear-friendly by using inspiration and style lines from that era, and my colors and aesthetic concepts are very inspired by Japan and Indonesia.  I'm really excited to continue sharing my progress!

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