Friday, September 21, 2012

WIP: Flower Market, in Oberlin

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I cast off Spruce Forest the other day and needed a new project to take with me to Oberlin, so I cast on for a Flower Market Shawl in some Madelinetosh Prairie.  This colorway is called Byzantine, and the more I knit with it, the more I like it - it's technically red, but it also has brown, burgundy, and some deep purple in it.  The fabric is pretty crumply so far, but I can tell that it's going to be stunning when it's blocked.

My friend Ethan gifted me this pattern on Ravelry a while back, and I think it's very fitting that I'm knitting it in the shop where we spent so many hours hanging out together!

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So this is the first time that I've been back to Oberlin by myself since I left for Japan in summer of 2010.  Lumberjack lived with me during my last semester of school, and then we both visited in April.  This time, I'm staying with a good friend while Lumberjack is home working.  I miss him a lot, but it's also been nice to sort of reacquaint myself with the town, and to reflect on who I was during my time here and who I've become.  I don't recognize many of the students anymore, but I've been running into professors, bosses, and people who work in shops I used to frequent - and it really is like coming home in a lot of ways.  I'm glad that college is over, but Oberlin has become a lot more than just my college town - it's become part of my identity.

So this trip has been really good, mostly because of the people I've been spending time with, but also because yesterday I went thrifting with my friend Sparkle... and found my wedding dress.  I'll share that story later, but I will say that a lot of factors had to line up correctly for me to find it, and it seems sort of magic that they did.

Happy Friday!

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