Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Outfit: Zip Dress & Rocket Ship Heels

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Please excuse my hamming, hahah.  I went out to a ballgown presentation this last Saturday, and decided to wear this dress.  I bought it several months ago in Oberlin and I've worn it once before to a birthday party, but since I rarely get to dress up, I like to take advantage of every opportunity!  When I bought this dress, I had these exact shoes in mind - they're not the most comfortable heels I own, but they are pretty foxy.  I just love heels with ankle straps - they provide extra stability, but also look awesome.

The dress is Samuel Dong, an independent designer whose clothes I tend to love - I also have a blouse and a coat of his. All of them have some element of draping in them, and all of them use unusual fabrics.  I was drawn to this dress because of the zipper that goes all the way from the hem of the dress to the back of the neck, as well as the draped hip detail.  The fabric is a poly knit and has a really nice weight to it, so it's fun to wear!


Ever since I started reading Sea of Ghosts, I've been inspired by the minimalist styles and layered rings that Alicia wears, so I decided to wear all of my rings.  They don't all go together, but I almost think that makes them more interesting to look at.  On my pinky is a little flower-and-butterfly ring I bought at a temple flea market in Kyoto; on my ring finger, a spiral ring I bought for myself at the Juneteenth festival in Oberlin in 2009; and on my middle finger, a really cool ring made of three intertwined coils of silver that Lumberjack bought for me a few months before we got engaged.

This outfit held up to several hours of socializing and a bit of dancing on the sidewalk near the school, so I'd call that a success!

Black Zip Dress: Samuel Dong
Rocket Ship Heels: Heavy Machine Schizophrenic Crossovers
Earrings: Tasi
White Double-Wrapped Belt: Daisy boutique in Issaquah
Rings: Various street vendors and a boutique in Oberlin

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