Monday, February 25, 2013

Cutting Cloth

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A month or two ago, I was starting to get really antsy about one of the fabrics that I hadn't been able to find yet.  I scoured local fabric shops, asked about special ordering, and looked online.  I finally got a swatch in the right color from an online fabric retailer, only to find that the fabric was twice as thick as I wanted and $85 a yard.  For some reason, the fabric that I was looking for - bubblegum pink in a wool crepe, or really any blend of natural fibers - was just... non-existent.

So I enlisted my mom's help, and she ended up taking a day trip down to Portland to look for my elusive pink fabric.  And she not only found my color, she found it in two different fabrics: a wool with a textured stripe, and this cotton & silk damask with a rope pattern.  I ended up choosing the damask, since I felt as though it would fit the collection better.

So Sunday night, I stayed at school until midnight cutting out the new dress.  It's a sleeveless pink version of my black dress, and I'm hoping that it will read as a kicky retro cocktail dress - just a little bit more fun than the black dress.  I'm going to start sewing it tomorrow, and I'm excited to see how it works up.

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