Tuesday, February 5, 2013

FO: Alicia Skirt

IMGP6668 IMGP6670

It's been almost a week coming.  I cut early last week, consulted the tailoring teacher for tips on constructing the pocket on Thursday, and planned to finish it on Saturday.  (That totally didn't happen.)  So today, I came in with determination.  I finger-pressed hot seams with my hands for almost an hour.  I sewed; I ripped and re-sewed; I cursed; I serged; I pressed, and pressed, and pressed, and pressed.


And now, the Alicia Skirt is done.

I love it.  I want at least five different versions of it in different colors in my closet.  It's the perfect balance of waist definition and hip exaggeration.  It has pockets.  It is, hands down, the coolest thing I have ever made.

IMGP6687 IMGP6688

I designed it.  I made the pattern.  I sewed the muslin.  I cut it and sewed it and it's done and it's mine.  Seeing it on the hanger tonight suddenly made the fashion show feel very real, and it made me realize that doing this is huge and scary, but it will also end.  On April 13th, I will be the designer of a collection - for better or for worse - and what I do with it from there is up to me.  Even though it's mostly terrifying, it's also pretty exciting.

So this skirt isn't perfect; the other clothes I'm going to make won't be perfect either.  But I can forgive myself for that, because the important thing is that I'm learning, and that I'm constantly trying to make something better than the last thing I made.

And in the meantime, I'll accept this one as a win.


Unknown said...

Super cute! It walks the classic-funky line quite perfectly. I for one am excited to see your fashion show creations!

Ondrea said...

Oh my goodness, this is exactly what I want in my closet!

Also, YAAAAY for an FO!!

Desirae said...

Love it!!