Thursday, February 14, 2013

On The Rack: Two Dresses, Two Skirts, Two Camisoles

IMGP6691 IMGP6693

Well, technically I haven't finished the dresses - and the black dress is for me to wear the night of the show! - but above is a sneak peek of the garments I'm working on: two skirts, two identical camisoles, and two dresses.  Each piece creates its own problems to solve.  Cotton doesn't like to ease!  Gapping in the waistband of the skirts (now fixed)!  My grey wool fabric is very thick, so the seams it makes are ridiculously thick!

Right now I'm working on some fit issues with the blue cherry blossom dress, but other than those tweaks, I'm really excited about it.  It's a tea-length boatneck dress with a full skirt and a deep v back neckline.  The fabric is incredible to work with - it's Liberty Tana Lawn that I first showed you here.  (Plus, I am getting awesome at putting in invisible zippers.)  And today, I figured out the answers to not one, not two, but four questions about garments in muslin or fashion fabric.  A pretty solid day, even though it means way more work for tomorrow.

Last week?  Was not such a triumph.  I discovered the waistband problems in both skirts, which took me three work days to fix.  Everything I worked on sucked.  I was feeling the same way yesterday, so this morning I felt like putting some actual effort into my appearance to make up for crappy progress.

IMGP6694 IMGP6702

Judging from my face, fashion is serious business.  But hey, I put on makeup!  And braided my hair!  And accessorized!  That's about 98% better than my usual day, which involves rolling out of bed into a pile of t-shirts and questionably clean pants.  Gold star today, Adult Cory!

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Anonymous said...

Yay you... I bet it's fun to see your garments one-by-one making it to the hangers on the rack! Congratulations on the progress!