Tuesday, February 19, 2013

FO: Emma Dress

IMGP6706 IMGP6715IMGP6713 IMGP6707

I finished hand-tacking the facings onto the first dress in my collection this morning - stick a fork in her, she's done!  (Except for the hem - that comes after model fittings.)  I'm calling her Emma, since her shape is based on my beautiful vintage Emma Domb wedding dress.

IMGP5376 IMGP5429

She's the least complicated of my dresses, which makes me a little nervous, but I worked really hard to get the fit to where I wanted it, and I'm very happy with the result.  I absolutely love the fabric, and I think that the style and color of the dress fits in my collection perfectly.


One dress down, two more to go!


Katy said...

Shut UP!!! Emma is the cutest!! You did an amazing job!!!!

sparkle said...

this is a perfect dress. Are you going to market this in "fat chick sizes"? I would actually wear this dress! And i like how you kept the spirit of the back shaping, but made it a bit more "covery'. Helps with finding the right undergear AND probably more flattering to some folks. This is a very strong look-not like Valykyrie strong, but positive and confident strong. keep up the good work....come back and go junking with me! You are fun to dress up-I never fit in the cool vintage stuff.