Friday, June 13, 2014



Ta-da - we have a ballgown design! The director gave it a lot of thought, and let me know her decision a few weeks ago. I will be creating Clara, the '30s-inspired gown worked in pink crepe back satin with lace appliqué. Of the three gowns, this design is the most representative of my design aesthetic: subtly romantic; simple with thoughtful details. I'm really excited to make it!

ballgownprep ballgownprep3

In preparation, I've started gathering things.

The Fun Ones - Materials!

Chantilly lace, French cotton lace edging, buttons, underpinnings, the perfect shoes.

ballgownprep4 ballgownprep5

The Hard but Worthwhile Ones - Happy Self-Care Habits.

I've decided to put my tailored jacket and other big projects on hold. Instead, I'm deep cleaning the house; tying up loose ends on small projects that have been hanging around for years; planning chore schedules, meals, and mental-health strategies for the month of ballgown.

I'm working and knitting a lot, trying to let go of both physical and mental stresses, and generally being nice to myself: taking classes that sound cool, reading good books, writing lists, eating lots of vegetables and chocolate.

I want the ballgown process to be happy and fulfilling, and I'm hoping that doing these small things to prepare will help pave the way for success.

Happy Friday!

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Unknown said...

Wow! This is going to be an exciting undertaking! Can't wait to see!