Monday, June 23, 2014

Striped Shawl Extravaganza


With my finishing spree coming to a close soon, I've started to brainstorm new projects. Since striped shawls have been one of my obsessions for the last year - and I just finished Taygete yayyyyyy - I really should start another one. (Case in point: I like them so much that I designed one. Hahah!)

 I know, I know... this has been a trend for a while. But it wasn't until I was working on the fashion show last year that I really started to see the infinite possibilities in striped shawls: they're a great opportunity to play with color, and the perfect way to use small, special skeins without making a dinky shawl. Not only that, since I'm late to this party, there are now about a million options. (We'll just say that, as with pretty much every other knitting trend, that I'm just, uh, fashionably late.)

Without any further ado, here are some of my favorites!

Cameo, by Paulina Popiolek.

I love every version of this shawl that I've seen. It's just the right balance of colorplay and lace in a super wearable shape.

Suki, by Miriam Pike.

What can I say? Yarn Harlot's delicious cashmere version sent me over the edge.  Pretty lace border + simple eyelet stripes + lovely proportions = I need this shawl in my life.

Mormorio, by Heather Zoppetti.

This was one of the shawls that kicked off my obsession. It's a great size for everyday wear, and the lace edging adds lightness and femininity to a simple, flattering stripe pattern.

Color Affection, by Veera Välimäki.

Yep. I'm jumping on this bandwagon. My friend Sooz knitted one and decided it wasn't for her, so she gave it to me, and I absolutely love it! I have the yarn to make a shaded grey and pale blue version, which I'm pretty excited about.

Ulmus Slipped Shawl

Ulmus, by Kristin Kapur.

I love how graphic this one is, and I think it would be a great showcase of lightly variegated yarns. I also think the slip-stitch pattern would be really texturally interesting in a laceweight yarn.


I need to pick one and start soon, because ballgown is coming right up! I know from experience that I need plenty of established knitting while I work on big, complicated projects, and I think any one of these shawls would be just the ticket.

All photos are copyright to their designers.

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