Monday, March 23, 2015

FO: Ondrea Prototype

ondreafo3 ondreafo10ondreafo13 ondreafo2

The moment that I cast off the sleeve for this sweater last week, I had the harebrained notion that I could finish it in time for my fashion school graduation ceremony (around NYFA it is simply called "going to tea") this last weekend. This sweater was one of the first pieces that I started for my senior collection in 2013, and around week 6 of preparing for the runway show, I dropped it after completing everything but the second sleeve and button band, thinking I could finish it really quickly afterwards.

That, my friends, did not happen. Although I haven't talked about it much here before, the months after the fashion show were pretty rough for me: there's this post-creative depression thing that seems to happen to a lot of people who work on big, overwhelming long-term projects, and I got hit with a pretty nasty case of it. And because of it, I could barely look at my sewing machine, much less this sweater, for almost a year.

But time heals many things - or at least, makes them seem less catastrophically exhausting - and after a long time, I began to entertain the idea of making things again at all. Which turned into a ballgown, and a tailored jacket, and finally, this sweater.

So it feels very fitting that I should finish the last loose end of my official fashion eduction, just hours before going to my final send-off. I'm very proud of this piece, and I'm very proud how far I've come as a designer and as a person in the years since I cast on for it. 

And with that - tally-ho, fashion degree! Let us advance into the world with winged eyeliner, fabulous shoes, and the best damn buttons a girl could ask for!

ondreafo - Version 2

All the details are on Ravelry here, and I'll be posting a little about our ceremony on Wednesday.

Happy Monday, friends!


Kat Riddell said...

What a beautiful way to wrap up your official fashion education. I can't wait to see what you start working on next!

Hannah said...

Wow that is really stunning! Amazing job (: and congratulations on your graduation!

mimi said...

Very beautiful! Congraturation!

Becca said...

This is beautiful, and I love how you've styled it. Glad you found your creative spark and could happily finish it. Worth it in the end! Looking forward to hearing about the ceremony. :) x

oklyous said...

Pretty pretty:)