Wednesday, March 11, 2015

UFO Pile: Or, This Sweater Thing is Getting Ridiculous

wipsweater2 wipsweater

In the past, I've tried not to be too precious about my shameful finishing issues. I am fully aware that as a knitter and maker, I live two separate but parallel existences: the wildly creative and productive fantasy life in my brain, and the actual one where I finish a few things and shove a few more in the bottom of my knitting basket to ignore.

Of course there are always reasons: I get the odd bout of tendinitis in my wrists and can't work with cotton until it improves; I can't find my pattern notes; I need to rip back and fix a mistake before continuing. But at some point these reasons resolve themselves, and I really don't have any excuse at all besides I don't wanna.

wipsweater3 customfit3

So last week, I did some of that knitterly housekeeping that is a necessary pain in the butt: I figured out where I was in my Custom Fit sweater and finished the back, and I ripped back the sleeve to my Ondrea Cardigan - which, by the way, is finished except for the second sleeve and button band. (Seriously??? Seriously. This is so dumb I can't even.)

At this point, I am so over knitting both of these garments, but I have to admit that I'm pretty excited to own and wear them, which makes me think that I need to rethink this whole process-knitter identity of mine. Perhaps instead of all process, I need to get a little more motivated to work towards the product as an enjoyable part of the experience.

Food for thought as I hold my breath and try to bust these suckers out.

Happy Wednesday!


Kat Riddell said...

I really like both of these projects, and can't wait to see how they turn out. But I totally hear you about letting stuff just sit. I have a problem if I leave something alone for too long, then I won't do it anymore, so I have to be careful to not let things languish for months.

Unknown said...

Those are both so pretty! Great colours!

Tahnee said...

Sounds like a very familiar problem, but those are 2 beautiful garments, so I hope you'll manage to get to 2 beautiful finished projects soon.