Friday, April 11, 2008

Spring in Ohio at last!

Today in Modern Jewish Thought, I started thinking about something purple. A short cardigan, with twisted ribbing starting at waist level, that travels into a cascading leaf design (also in twisted ribbing) against a reverse-stockinette background, with short, slightly puffed sleeves. In lavender Hempathy. Mmmmmmmmm. (I have a few designs bouncing around in my head. And by a few, I mean that I sit in chemistry and doodle cute silk-shirt style blouses with frog closures and darts , button-down shirt inspired camisoles, and kicky little striped cotton peasant blouses when I should be paying attention to important things like rate laws. But for some reason, today my lust was for purple hemp.)

As I was walking home, I suddenly wondered why so many of my favorite ideas and projects lately have been various shades of purple. I have a deep purple Tubey on the needles, as well as the purple Waving Lace socks. I'm wearing my purple Meidas today. I'm lusting after cables and lace in crisp, lavender linen yarn.

And then I looked at the flowerbeds next to my dormitory, where crocuses, violets, and daffodils have been exploding into bloom ever since the temperature got above 40 degrees.

Those things must have psychotropic pollen or something, because they are affecting my subconscious yarn desires and making me want to put on a skirt and.... frolic. Who knew my brain was so easily influenced?!

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