Sunday, April 13, 2008

Unspun Icelandic Crack Cocaine

This weekend, Nancy, Bethany, and I went to the closing sale of a yarn store in Vermilion, Love to Knit. As we were browsing, I saw a few wonderful things - Koigu in a ton of different shades, Jitterbug, Jamieson & Smith jumperweight, and Cascade. But then I came upon big stacks of unspun Icelandic wool... and knew that I had to get some.

I love this yarn so much, aesthetically. It is so delicate, but still rather scratchy, and it is wound into these big yarn cakes that are wonderfully flat and squishable. They only had 600 yards of this color, so I bought just two - also because I'm trying to limit how much yarn I buy before finishing more projects. I almost wish that I had bought 4 wheels in a different color, because I suddenly and irrationally want a wide throw, thick and cozy, to throw over my shoulders during these long Ohio winters. From what I know, Schoolhouse Press carries this yarn and I can always get it from there - or perhaps, if I ever go to Iceland, to pick some up locally! - but for now, I am at a serious loss as to how to treat this yarn. Part of me wants to make it into a simple, lacy stole. But part of me wants to leave it exactly as is...


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Anonymous said...

Oh, wow. That's cool. Nice to have a visual from what you told me.