Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winter comes around

This week, I knit a stocking in four days on commission from a woman from knitting group. I knit the other one over vacation and really wasn't motivated to make the second, but it ended up going really fast. The pattern is from Spring/Summer VK, the aptly (and originally!) named #31 Lace Stocking. The charts didn't really match up with the written instructions, and I would make them a lot longer if I were to make them again - they were just barely past knee length, and they're supposed to be a true thigh-high. It was probably my row gauge, but now I know for when I make a pair for myself. 'Cause really, who doesn't need thigh high lace stockings?

Also, the yardage required was something like 645 and I ended up using something like 450. This perhaps should have indicated to me that my row gauge was off, hah.

Also happening: cooking! A friend (also from knitting group) gave me a ride to the IGA, and I picked up some veggies and general food to keep around the house. This is steamed collard greens with red peppers, garlic, and pepper. Kind of a weird combination, and I actually liked the collard greens a lot more than I expected to. I guess that's good, since there's another 3/4 of a bag in the fridge!

On a last note, I got my grades back for the semester, and got the first A+ of my college career, in Japanese. Take that, semester from hell!


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Anonymous said...

その靴下がかわいすぎるです!本当に作りましたか? あのう。。。すみませんけど,どうしてキミの名前はキリンレモンKnitsですか?そのSodaを飲むことが好きですか?

-Creepy Internet Secret Admirer!

Cory Ellen said...

本当にありがとうございました。十六歳の時に兄と日本に行って、兄の一番好きな飲み物はキリンレモンでした。Now I always associate the drink with being in Japan, which was amazing and very formative for me. キリンレモンを飲むのが好きですけど、アメリカで買うことができません。 :(