Saturday, July 9, 2011

Outfit Post: Lazy Weekend


A weekend: I has it.  So far, today has been eating cereal, watching the Lumberjack play games on my brother' Wii, and swatching.  On that note, I'll hopefully have some new things to share in the next couple of weeks - stay tuned!

I keep on reaching for this thrifted and refashioned skirt, especially on days when I want to be comfortable.  This outfit is apparently another one of my super neutral and comfy ones.  Working all week makes me really appreciate my weekends, and this sort of schedule is definitely a departure from my college schedule.  At Oberlin, weekends usually involved twice as much studying than weekdays, so the whole week was for working, and weekend nights were really the only time that I got to take a break.


In other news, I have a second job lined up starting next week!  I met my soon-to-be employer when I was thirteen, and he taught me all that I know about dystopian novels, Teletubbies, writing kickass essays, and dark chocolate with chili powder in it.  I worked for him all throughout high school at the same English tutoring company where I took classes, and I'm pretty excited to work there again - this time as a brand-spankin' new college grad.


I also chopped my bangs the other day.  I had them trimmed about two weeks ago, but they were already starting to get in my eyes again.  I've found I like my bangs super short for practicality's sake, and I've started to really like the way they look.  Although when I woke up this morning they were sticking straight out.  Hahah.

Viva la weekend!

Top: Chalet
Skirt: Thrifted & chopped 90s maxi skirt
Belt: Penguin
Hair flower: H&M

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