Monday, July 25, 2011

Outfit Post: Warm Weekend


This weekend was super laid-back - something I really, really needed!  I was going to go to an alumni picnic on Capitol Hill on Saturday, but since I had a one-day weekend last week, I felt much more like sitting around in my pajamas and knitting all day.  So that's what I did.


Saturday night, though, my brother, the Lumberjack, and I went to see Captain America.  It was an unexpectedly fun movie, and I loved the 40s-inspired costumes.  I particularly loved Hayley Atwell's dramatic red lip, which is probably why I reached for the lipstick Sunday morning!


Since graduating, I've definitely become more aware of my wardrobe's strengths and limitations.  I have a ton of great separates that I can combine in fun ways, but I've also noticed that there are some pieces that just aren't work appropriate.  I could layer this dress a little bit on top, but it's hard to work with the short short length of the skirt.  So, I think I'll be keeping this as a weekend-only dress - but that's just fine with me!


I went a little crazy for having nowhere to go Sunday: dark red lipstick, contacts, eyeliner & mascara, blush, and some sparkly powder as eyeshadow.  It's a little reminder of how much work makeup can be. I usually wear mineral foundation and blush and that's about it, since my eyes are super sensitive from allergies during the summer.  It's fun to play with it once in a while, though.


You'll also notice that I'm not wearing my flats, for the first time in forever.  I'm still head over heels for my Fluevog Belle Star sandals, which my mom got for me as a birthday present.  They're super comfortable, and I love the color.  Here's hoping that Seattle provides a little more sandal weather in the upcoming weeks!

Dress: Free People, summer 2010
Ladder necklace: by Made in Life, bought at a Kyoto flea market
Sandals: Fluevog Belle Star

Movie photo credit

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