Friday, July 15, 2011

Outfit Post: Totally Mod One Piece


When I was visiting my friend Emily in New Haven right after graduation, I stopped into a vintage store, ostensibly to buy a bag to replace my purse, whose handle had unexpectedly snapped.  As often happens when I'm in a vintage store, I had to look around, and the Lumberjack pulled this little beauty off of the rack with the comment, "It's brown!  And look at the skirt, it's not boring!"


Then I tried it on, and it was definitely not boring; impeccably fitted, deliciously mod, belted, with orange flowers on the skirt.  That Lumberjack has some good eyes.

So I bought it, and washed it, and yesterday I wore it and felt adorable all day at work.


I think it would be really fun to try making a skirt that had a graphic floral underlayer and a lacey overlay - I love the print!  I also really like that this dress is decidedly of a certain time period (polyester, a-line skirt, funnel neck, would go great with go-go boots) but still manages to look awesome right now.  I'm sure it'll see a lot of wear!

Dress: Vintage
Shoes: Fellowship Kathy by John Fluevog
Socks: Handknit
Earrings: another Oberlin purchase
Blue mug, purveyor of coffee, preventer of crankiness and sleepy mumbling: Ikea

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