Tuesday, July 26, 2011

WIP Post: Stella Blouse


So, after a couple of weeks of dragging her around in my purse and stealing a few rows here and there, the Stella blouse has a back.  I cast off this last weekend.  At first I was a little confused by the back, but after dividing and working on the first armhole, I finally realized what was going on: not a v-shaped back, but a cute little keyhole.  I'm liking the longer length, too - I think it really needed it to fit properly.


The pattern, Lace Blouse by Erika Knight, is a little skimpy on the instructions, but through my patented Close Eyes, Hold Breath, and Knit As If Everything Made Sense Method, it's been turning out pretty well.


And I'm in love with Kidsilk Haze.  Anything you knit from it turns into a confection worthy of rubbing your face in.


Now, to knit a front, two sleeves, and a placket... better get crackin'!

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