Friday, August 26, 2011

Hat! Challenge! Part 1: #09 Eyelet Cap in Buffalo Gals


First up in the Hat Challenge is this Cathy Carron pattern, #09 Eyelet Cap from the Fall 2009 issue of Vogue Knitting.  (It always throws me off, how generic Vogue pattern names can be.  "Eyelet cap" doesn't exactly stick in your mind.)  This will be my hat pattern for September.  I love how simple and slouchy it is, and I can easily imagine a hat like this being coveted by knitters and non-knitters alike.


As for the yarn, I'll be using this gorgeous 50/50 bison/alpaca blend from Buffalo Gals.  The yarn is called "Homage to the New World", which more than makes up for the hat's boring name!  I got this yarn at The Swift Stitch in Santa Cruz, California.  I grabbed this yarn in particular because.  OMG.  It is so freaking soft.  The shop is a very cute LYS with friendly employees and a fabulous selection of sock yarn and luxury fibers, great samples, and a comfy couch for the non-knitting friend or significant other to chill while you wait.  It has a loft above the shop, so there are wooden stairs between the cash register and shelving that create a little corner of sock yarn.  There's also a great bakery right next door, as well as a little vintage shop in one of the other buildings in the complex.

Now, to swatch!

Next up: Hat Challenge Project #2.  So many hats queued, so little time...

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