Thursday, August 11, 2011

Stash Appreciation: Knitting Notions Classic Merino Superwash


This gorgeous colorway of Knitting Notions's superwash sock yarn, called Apple Green, is a skein that I picked up during last year's Great Lakes Fiber Festival down in Wooster.  I think it's destined to become one of Cookie A's off-the-grid socks, probably Pointelle (rav link).  I love the way she combined the diagonal travelling motifs and the lacy elements, and I think the light tonal variation of this yarn would make the pattern pop.

Plus, I really need to make an effort to be a product knitter for a while - another pair of socks bit the dust yesterday!  Now, to let go of my ridiculous inability to finish anything that isn't just right, or get distracted by shiny Estonian lace.  Right now my sock drawer could really use a boost.


And, luckily these stash photos are getting double usage: as I may or may not have already mentioned, I've begun the process of photographing and cataloging all of my yarn stash on Ravelry.

I'll say that again to let it sink in, for my own benefit.

All of my stash.  All of my stash.  All of my stash.  All of my stash.

That is... a lot of yarn, guys.

Holy cheeseballs, I think I need a paper bag to hyperventilate into.

Pointelle photo copyright Laura Kicey

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