Monday, August 15, 2011

WIP: Toya Pakeh Scarf


On Saturday, my family had a party over at my apartment complex to celebrate my graduation from Oberlin and my (now slightly less new) apartment.  Among those in attendance: my preschool teacher, my piano teacher, an aunt I hadn't seen in four years, and two of my friends from middle school.  It was seriously cool to have so many of the people who have loved and supported me over the years in the same place, and it was a great excuse to get together with those I had fallen out of touch with while in college.

After the main party, a few of my friends stayed on, and we drank cider, played Apples to Apples, and probably kept the neighbors up too late.  I didn't have anything simple to knit, so I grabbed this handspun from Oberlin and cast on for this super simple basketweave scarf.


This is probably the seventh or eighth one of these scarves I've ever made.  The first one - my first project ever, actually - is the Lumberjack's, and hangs in my front closet.  We didn't talk for about five years, but he kept the damn thing the whole time, and wore it, and washed it carefully; it's Wool-ease, but it's held up very nicely.


This colorway in particularly reminds me of the clear waters off the coasts of Nusa Penida, the Indonesian island where I went on a Winter Term trip about two years ago.  This yarn was originally going to become legwarmers, since I actually needed legwarmers in Ohio, but since I've moved back to warmer, drippier climes, I decided that it would be much better as a scarf.

I think I may also write up a short recipe for this scarf.  It's a nice little stashbuster for about 350 yards of worsted weight, whether a simple wool or precious handspun, and makes a long, cozy scarf that's interesting to knit but not too fancy for the dudes.  (This one, though, is all mine.)

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