Tuesday, August 9, 2011

WIP: Pre-Blocking Triinu Scarf


So I cast on this Triinu Scarf, another pattern from Knitted Lace of Estonia, back in late April.  I worked on it pretty religiously for a few weeks, and then travelling, commissions, and moving happened and it got shoved into a project bag until I could properly devote enough time to figuring out how many repeats I wanted to do.  I had one skein of Artyarns Cashmere 1, which is about 510 yards.  I wanted to use up as much yarn as possible, but still leave enough yarn for repairs, should I need to do them.


It was also a different construction method than I've used for any of my other Estonian lace projects: this time, I used a crochet cast-on and picked up the live stitches to complete the scarf.  In the others that I've done, I knit the edging first, then the body of the scarf, then broke the yarn, cast on a second edging and grafted it on.  This one had I knit the edging last, cast off with yarn doubled, and used live stitches to knit the other edging.  I have to say, I really liked this method - I've had a load of trouble with the grafting part of the edging before, particularly with cashmere.  This yarn is really soft, but it's a single and felts to whatever it touches - including cotton!  I had a tough time even getting the crochet to pull out without sticking to the yarn, which means that making a mistake while grafting is really, really hard to fix.


I blocked it last night, so I'll be sharing how it turned out soon!  The finished size was about 54 inches, and I did a total of 31 repeats of the center chart, increased a smidge from the recommended 29 repeats.  I blocked my Peacock Tail and Leaf at the same time, so I might take some proper pictures of that one too. 

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