Monday, August 22, 2011

Outfit Post: Lace and Boots


On Saturday, the Lumberjack, the brother and I went for a little expedition.  I needed to open a bank account in the city, so we all piled into the car and went for an adventure.  After we were finished, we decided to go look for giant stuffed pigs at the Sanrio store.  After that, the boys wanted to go to the game store, and I wanted to check out Free People.


This dress is one of their summer offerings.  It's a little bit blousey on top, with puffed sleeves, a slightly A-line skirt (with a little bit of tulle peeking out at the bottom!!) and a spectacular color.  I saw it and fell deeply in love.


I wore it out Sunday to visit with an old friend, and found it to be another perfect weekend dress.  Gotta have those, you know.

In general, I thought I wasn't much for the Free People aesthetic.  But I actually find it sort of reminiscent of many of the styles I saw in Japan last year: romantic colors and materials, styling soft pieces with tough or rustic accessories, feminine, drapey and flattering cuts.  All of these things I like.


Oh Free People.  You can free me any day of the week.

Earring: Tasi
Belt: from thrifted dress
Combat boots: J Shoes


Siena said...

free people can be so hit or miss for me... sometimes I'll look at their stuff and be like "how the heck is anyone supposed to wear this," but sometimes there will be a dress or two that are just amazing... I appreciate what they're trying to do with the whole layering thing, but I guess I'm more of a knockout standalone dress kind of girl. That one is super cute!

Cory Ellen Boberg said...

Thanks! Sometimes the wacky layering gets a little much, and I'm particularly not big on faux furs and synthetic-yarn ponchos, which I saw a few of the other day. They actually had this dress styled with a lambskin jacket, and I just can't pull that off - too bulky. I don't love all their styling, but I do really like some of their foundation pieces.
Also, I agree, knockout dresses are great. Throw on dress and some earrings and shoes, look super put-together and thoughtful even if getting dressed took 30 seconds? The best!