Monday, October 8, 2012

FO: Ephemera Lookbook, Spring Collection 2013

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Ta-da!  I picked up my lookbooks from the printer this afternoon, and they are exactly what I wanted.  My presentation is tomorrow, so I've been running around trying to get my ducks in a row.  I'm really glad I did some planning ahead and took these to the printer last Wednesday - that way I have them in hand the day before I need them, and it's one less thing to worry about.  No matter, though - my brain has resorted to stress dreams in order to both consciously and subconsciously torment me.  Last night I dreamed that I showed up to our silent auction, which is raising money for the fashion show, and didn't bother to bring the items I've collected to auction off.  Thanks for the reminder, brain!

It's kinda silly, actually, because I've already put so much work into planning this collection that presenting it is simply the last step.  But I'm stressing out about it anyways, because the collection has become my baby in the last few months, and I really want to do a good job.

So about the line: it's called Ephemera, and it's nine pieces including separates and dresses.  I named each piece after an inspiring woman in my life - some are friends of mine, some are real people whom I've never met, and some are fictional characters.  I really wanted the collection to feel like it could fit into the closets of real people, so it was fun to think about who would wear what, and why.


And as a sneak peek, here is my swatch (in prototype yarn) for the cable and lace pattern for the two cardigans.  I'm not happy with the ribbing beneath the cable, so I'm going to be swatching again soon, but I am in love with the garter stitch background and the transition from the ribbing into the diamond lace pattern.

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