Monday, October 22, 2012

New Coat


Sadly, as I have mentioned before, this coat has given up the ghost.  It started looking pretty bad last winter - the lining has torn out at the armholes, one of the pockets is held on by a safety pin, and the back is getting threadbare about the shoulders.  I bought it about five years ago, and it got me through many an Ohio winter, and part of a Kansai winter too.  I love the crap out of this coat.  I love the shape (so clean and flattering!), and the zip front (so easy!), and the toggles (just enough interest!).  I am super sad to see it go.

And recently, my need for a proper coat has become acute, because a week from today, Lumberjack and I are going to Iceland for a music festival.

IMGP5646 IMGP5635
IMGP5653 IMGP5630

So on Saturday, with T-9 days to go, Lumberjack, my mom, and I went on an excursion to find me a coat.  We went to several different place, but nothing was quite right - probably because in my mind, I was so attached to The Coat that all I wanted was a new one exactly like it.  And finally, weary and defeated by our disappointing coat quest, we were in a Banana Republic factory store as a last ditch effort.  As I looked around the back of the store near the other coats, I saw a flash of toggle on a rack of black coats tucked away near the men's section.  Curious, I went over, and there it was: my yoked, zipped, toggled, wonderful coat.  A little longer, yes, and no hood, but essentially everything I loved about The Coat was there.

It's funny, because I would never have chosen this style as my favorite if I hadn't owned my old coat for so long.  It's military-inspired and not very girly, neither of which are usually my thing.  But there is something so sharp and versatile about it.  Maybe it is the fact that it's not a very feminine look that I like it so much - it provides a nice contrast to the pink, flippy things that I wear.  Who knows.  But what I do know is that the air has started to turn here in Seattle, Iceland draws closer every day, and I will plenty warm wherever my journeys may take me.

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