Friday, October 12, 2012

Look What Came in the Mail!

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This morning while I was at school doing patternwork, I got a call that my dress form was being delivered today.  My mom ordered it for me only a few days ago - and notification of shipping only came in yesterday! - so I was pleasantly surprised to have it come so quickly.  Setup was super easy, and now I've got my own brand spankin' new form to start working on the garments for my collection!

I ordered a PGM Industry Pro, model 601, in a size 12.  As anybody who has worked with commercial sewing patterns can attest, off-the-rack garment sizing is very different than sewing industry sizing.  So although the size range for my line is a modern size 4-12, and I'm a pretty straight size 8 in off-the-rack clothing, the measurements of the 12 were the closest to mine.

I'm planning to use my approximate measurements for sizing across the whole collection for a few reasons.  First, my collection is designed for an hourglass shape, which tends to be very difficult to fit - hence the small size run.  Although I'd be very interested in doing larger size runs in the future, for now I'm sticking to a limited range of sizes with an 8 as the median.

And second, I would love for these garments to have a second life as pieces in my closet.  I'm shorter-waisted than the dress form by probably two inches or so, but I'm hoping that the separates in the collection will allow for some leeway in the fit.

So, now that I have a form, she needs a name!  Preferably something nerdy, and/or awesome, and/or vintage-inspired.  Inara?  Joan?  Dita?  Hmmm...

Suggestions welcome!


megan said...

So jealous! She's gorgeous. I like the name Joan. :)

Unknown said...

My thoughts for names are: Velma, Imogene, Ursula, Calliope, Fantine... I'm interested to see what you decide on!