Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pre-Blocking: Flower Market Shawl

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Well geez.  I blinked and all of a sudden I had finished Flower Market!  This is probably because after four or five days of very little progress, I knitted up a storm all weekend.  I knitted in the evenings while watching Arrested Development.  I knitted after finishing my articles for The Glamour Wire - which are here and here, if you want to read them.  I knitted during Thesis class, and then I cast off during Thesis class, and I felt very proud of myself.

The shawl is very crinkly right now, but it's still about 18.5" at the spine.  I'll be interested to see how big it blocks out.

I'm also feeling a little better about my stash after finishing this shawl.  In only two months, I've knit two whole large shawls, and my momentum has kept up so far.  Which is good, because I've lusting after (and occasionally buying) Prairie with reckless abandon ever since knitting this fast, addictive Ene's Shawl:


Which was now about a year ago, I think?  Man, time flies.  Anyhow, I loved Prairie's twist and hand, complex colorways, and amazing airiness so much that I've picked up a skein whenever I get a chance.  It's one of the less-common Madelinetosh yarns carried in stores, so it's a treat to find a shop fully stocked with lots of colors that I can drool all over.

In other news, yesterday I spent the whole day at school working on my lookbook for a presentation I have next week, so hopefully I'll get to share the physical copies soon!  I've learned so much about computer illustration, graphic design, and layout from working on this project, and I'm excited to have an end product.

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