Friday, January 4, 2013


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Nothing is perfect, and it's likely that it won't ever be.  But just getting in there and making things, even bad things that have to be changed, is a big step.

I started this week with sketches and a half-baked plan, and as of today I have a dress, two skirts, and two blouses in muslin.

Not bad - but as always, there's more to do.


ZanneQ said...

Way to go, Cory! That is an impressive leap ahead. There are more leaps to come, but you've just proved you can tackle them! You are doing great!

Ondrea said...

I absolutely love the ruffles on that dress. Are you going to flatten them out? I kind of hope not. I love the roundness. Plus the roundness would be easier to care for in my closet.

w00t progress!

Ondrea said...

skirt. Ruffles on the skirt. *long day*

Cory Ellen Boberg said...

Thank you guys!

Ondrea, the ruffles are a natural part of the skirt's shape - this is a slightly modified circle skirt, which is a big circle cut out of fabric, another circle cut out of the center and a waistband sewn in - so luckily they're not going anywhere! This is a muslin, so it's really stiff and gross, but the two different skirts with this shape are very drapey silks. I'm super excited about them!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like its fun tho! Theres nothing like being engulfed in a creative atmosphere and given free reign to do what you love most! Cant wait to see more!