Monday, January 7, 2013

WIP: Gala Skirt

IMGP6437 IMGP6435

Today I did a lot of patternwork, but still wanted to play with fabric a little bit, so I tried out some draping on the Gala Skirt.  It's based off of the skirt muslin I shared the other day, but I shortened it since then and I'm much happier with the length.  I love circle skirts both long and short, but I want my line to have a contemporary feel as well as a vintage inspiration, hence a shorter skirt.  It shows just a little bit of knee, which I find to be a flattering length for me.

The draped fabric is a gorgeous silk eyelet georgette - I only have a little bit of it, so I have to be careful with how much yardage I use!  I think I'll do the real draping to make the pattern pieces in some extra nylon mesh, since it's about the same weight, but I wanted to see if the fabric I bought in August was going to have the right look.

And it does.  I have a very clear picture in my mind of what this skirt looks like, and this is almost exactly it.  I still need to pick up some zippers and the cream silk crepe that I'm making it in, but then I think I'll be ready to start sewing the actual piece.  Good thing, because I had a nightmare the other night that I showed up to the fashion show with nothing but muslins... egads!

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I love this's so pretty!