Monday, September 9, 2013

FO(s): Simple Socks

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If it seems like I haven't been knitting that much for the last few months... it's because I haven't!  As the wedding got closer, I started casting on and knitting easy socks without a backwards glance at my more complicated projects.  Now I'm finally getting a chance to photograph everything and start thinking about other projects, and I've found myself strangely drawn to the idea of finishing my previous works in progress.  Some of them are absurdly close to being finished: one needs to have ends woven in and buttons sewn on, and that's it; two others just need to be blocked and have their ends woven in.  Really, at this point it's silly not to finish them!

I will say, though, for some reason socks are less intimidating - the orange and blue socks weren't sitting around long before I wove in their ends and got Lumberjack to take pictures.  That might be a good thing in either case; I've got plenty more socks yet to make, and weaving in ends is pretty much always a good thing!

Finished Socks:  Sweet Tarts and Sesame Street on Ravelry
Pattern: My own simple sock recipe
Yarn: Panda Wool Print, colorway Circus (orange & blue),
Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock, colorway Carbon Dating (red, grey and dark green)
Yardage: ~340 yards and ~360 yards, respectively
Needles: Size 1.5 (2.5 mm) US Hiya Hiya double-points


Becca said...

These are fab! I've been really struggling with my first ever pair of socks. Is there a super-simple, idiot-proof pattern you'd recommend? :) x

Cory Ellen Boberg said...

Thanks Becca! There are a lot of simple sock patterns out there that I haven't tried but heard are good - Glenna C's "A Nice Ribbed Sock" and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's "Sock Recipe" both sounds promising, and Glenna's is free! - but the one I can personally vouch for is an older Fiber Trends pattern called Hellen's Favorite Socks. It has simple instructions in a variety of weights, with a few different cuff patterns available. It taught me how to turn my first sock heel, which was a truly magical experience. :) Good luck on your sock adventures!